" Raising Businesses and Babies."

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Khala Hawes, Founder


As a full time, work from home mother and wife, I found it very difficult to start a business. I had an amazing idea, I had the determination to see it through, but the help that I needed was just not there. Either the information was too expensive to access, others were not willing to help, or the information was just not accessible to me at the time. I knew there had to be a resource that could help me get to where I wanted to be as an entrepreneur, or maybe there wasn’t.


I created the EntreprenHer Mom Network in hopes of creating a collaborative network of mothers in business who are willing to grow and help each other grow in the process.




So many people are not willing to share their knowledge with others. But, we are. We are a network of women from different areas of life, business, and the world. The one thing that we do have in common is that we are hard working women who want the best that life has to offer.


In order to get you there. The EntreprenHer Mom Network serves as a hub for those looking for education, marketing opportunities, and networking with other women. Our mission is to help you as a woman, a wife, a mother, and of course a business owner. We help you grow as whole.


We are a community of women dedicated to helping our members grow in every aspect of their lives. We educate, empower, equip, and encourage members to learn as much as they can and then apply those lessons to other areas of their lives. Love, compassion, integrity, sisterhood, and honesty are at the core of everything that we do.


We help prove to women that you can have and deserve to have more no matter what your current or past circumstances may say.


We allow women to be themselves completely and safely. We encourage women to share their stories of failure and success in order to help others. We are determined to build meaningfully sisterhoods locally and globally.

OUR goals

We use the stories of others to share stories of both success and failure in order to empower or members to become their best selves.


We encourage our members to live their best lives, away from fear. We are a true sisterhood that care about the overall wellbeing of our members. We believe that we are stronger when we are together. We provide a strong community and networking opportunities for all members both virtually and in person.



We believe that if given the right opportunities and resources, you WILL reach your goals. We provide opportunities for scholarships and sponsorships to support women who are members of the Network. These funding opportunities go both ways, if you give to them, you are guaranteed to receive as well.


We provide many opportunities to learn through live and virtual events and training provided exclusively to members of the network. We also provide opportunities for those who want to be instructors to offer their courses here on our platform to reach a global community.